Ensure Future Business Success with Local Computer Consultants

Congratulations! Your Baton Rouge startup has moved from your home office to a nice suite in the local office park. While you’ve been busy cultivating clients, vendors and promoting your service, upgrading your company computers has not been at the top of the list. You could head out to the local big box store and see what the kid in the polo shirt suggests, but that isn’t always the best choice. Hiring a local computer consulting firm can prevent your company from making poor business decisions and protect your future.

Securing the Network

You won’t be simply streaming TV shows in your new offices. Proprietary information will need to be protected from hackers and unsafe computer protocols. A consultant specializing in network installation can help you establish encrypted servers and provide all the support you need to maintain corporate secrets. They will discuss the establishment and use of email, shared databases and required software updates to point your business down a path with a bright future.

Hardware and Software That Will Last

If your staff must take their electronic devices to job sites, or your in-house desktops will be in constant use, your computer consultant can help you make the right decisions when purchasing needed hardware. Tablets, phones and laptops that appear as bargains at the big box store may not be able to stand up to daily abuse. Software licenses must be purchased for each station. Your consultant can help you obtain business licenses and make a smart investment that will last years longer than a cheap consumer model.

Other Computer Consulting Services

Will you need to access files and information outside of your secure office environment? Managed office solutions can assist with the implementation of a secure cloud and also provide troubleshooting support. Monitoring services can detect hackers while the business is closed but the computers remain online. Have you switched to new software? Your Baton Rouge computer consulting company will provide current training that is updated with each new version that you install. When your business simply isn’t part of the tech industry, but relies on their products, hiring a firm to keep an eye on headlines and useful applications can help you stay current, relevant and profitable.

Help in Baton Rouge

Many large tech support companies will promote their support services as being available 24/7. However, when their offices and staff are located on the West Coast, and it will take days to get a technician out to your site. Their bargain monthly fee stops looking like a deal when you are off-line for an extended period of time. A local Baton Rouge computer consulting firm will be able to fully respond to any situation without delay. You’ll be supporting other local businesses and they will be personally interested in helping their neighbor overcome any technical difficulties.


Author: Puryear IT

Puryear IT should be your first choice for Cloud services in the Baton Rouge area. To learn more about what Cloud Computing can do for your company, contact Puryear IT today at (225) 706-8414

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